BurningBack has the ambition to deliver a method that helps people to recover from a burnout as effectively as possible. We do this evidence based, integrating scientific evidence, professional experience and the needs of people with a burnout & their direct social environment.

We work by the principles: Simple, Structured and Active.

When having a burnout you have limited energy and attention. Although there is a lot of knowledge behind each step, explanations needs to be easily understandible.

But with informing in a simple way we are not there yet, because by explaining tons of simple things, you get overwhelmed and you lose the bigger picture. To keep a good overview a clear structure is key.

Last but not least, the succes of every development is based on how active and frequent you practiced.

As people have different prefered learning styles, we will make the method available in various ways.

Our starting point is to develop a book in which the BurningBack method will be explained in detail. For now this website is only used to keep you informed about the development of the method.